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  • The evolution of Anne

    The evolution of Anne

    Okay, I admit it. I didn’t like 80s Anne of Green Gables. I’m sorry. I know. People loved 80s Anne. She was funny, and cute, and clever. And the film is well done. But I couldn’t connect. An unwanted child whose defining characteristic was optimistic smarts? Who, when told she couldn’t stay with her new family, looks…

  • Fanny Price, the necessary ninny

    Fanny Price, the necessary ninny

    Mention Mansfield Park to a devoted Austen-ite and you get the tell-tale sigh: yes, but Fanny Price! Why does she have to be so … Pious? Humourless? Blessedly, teeth-grindingly annoying? In any situation, you can count on Jane Austen’s heroine (a poor cousin taken to live with rich relatives at age 10) to be terribly proper.…