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  • A Good/Strange Thing

    A Good/Strange Thing

    In 2020, Monash University Publishing published this short story about an amusement park, amorphous dread, and familial love. There’s also—crucially—a dog. “A Good/Strange Thing” copyright Leah De Forest 2020. Featured photo from Christian Kourtum, via Creative Commons.

  • Gifts


    Thanks to Bodega Magazine for publishing my story, “Gifts”, in its 100th issue (and for nominating the story for a Pushcart Prize): “Sit up straight. Chew carefully. Today is the day you’re meeting them—the family who read about you on a bulletin board and offered to help. They have a long low house designed by…

  • Orange peel

    Orange peel

    Honored to have two pieces—an essay and a short story—in this month’s issue of LEON Literary Review, alongside some amazing writers. Here’s a taste from the essay: “When my brother and I were small, and my mother was out somewhere—at work, or perhaps in a psychiatric hospital, I don’t recall—my Dad showed us how he…